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Zindler and Associates Ltd.

Zindler and Associates Ltd.

Zindler and Associates Ltd.

Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants

Around Calgary Alberta, Real Estate Appraisals


  • Alberta Report

  • Calgary Bargain Finder - Bargain Finder Online is the new World Wide Web edition of Alberta's No.1 free ads paper. Every week it contains over 50,000 ads in a nice, user friendly, searchable database.

  • Calgary Herald - Calgary daily newspaper.

  • Calgary Sun - Calgary daily newspaper.

  • Calgary´s Child - Published six times per year, Calgary's Child Magazine is an informative publication designed to be the source of news and information for everyone who touches the lives of our children. We are Calgary's favorite parenting publication. Locally owned and operated, Calgary's Child Magazine is written for Calgarians by Calgarians and it's all about what's happening right here in our community.

  • Canadian Emergency News - Canadian Emergency News is a 21 year old magazine that serves the Canadian prehospital medical professions. Among the features here are samples of the Feature Stories and EMS Quiz that appear regularly in the magazine.

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  • FFWD - Calgary´s news and entertainment weekly.

  • Gauntlet - The is an official student newspaper of the University of Calgary, published most Thursdays throughout the year by the Gauntlet Publications Society, an autonomous, incorporated body. The Gauntlet On-line is also produced by the Gauntlet Publications Society and is published every Friday night. Membership in the society is open to undergraduate students at the U of C, but all members of the university community are encouraged to contribute.

  • Megastock Newspaper - Megastock Financial HomePage is specialized on concentrating on North American, especially Canadian, investment opportunities. It also looks for and embraces the best values of Chinese culture to promote cultural exchanges in our multicultural Canada. Thier goals are to concentrate on the economy and culture. Megastock Financial HomePage anticipates the needs of potential investors who are generally new immigrants from Southeast Asian countries. The HomePage acts as the Chinese medium, providing the required investment information to fulfill their needs.

  • People and Possibilities - This magazine seeks to connect people and explore possibilities in a rich exchange of vital information about health, ecology, personal growth, professional development, creativity, and wellness. We are now pleased to be able to bring the entire print editions of the magazine to you online, issue by issue, as well as many more exciting features.

  • Vox - Vox is the entertainment magazine associated with CJSW Radio. Each month we snoop around Calgary and tell you what's happening in the arts and entertainment scene. But wait there's more...VOX isn't just about the Calgary scene, we also get out once and a while.

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